FMP-RECORDS (FMP-Numbers) 1969 - 1991

FMP 0570


Gerd Dudek-soprano & tenor saxophone, shenai, flute;
Buschi Niebergall-double bass;
Edward Vesala-drums;

Recorded by Bernhard Arndt on April 7th to 9th,1977 during
the Workshop Freie Musik at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.
Produced by Jost Gebers.

SIDE A: 1 H.S. (Dudek) 7:58
             2 Kugel (Niebergall) 5:08
             3 Mira (Niebergall) 10:31
SIDE B: 1 Manchmal (Dudek) 5:37
             2 Open (Dudek) 11:28
             3 Chain (Niebergall) 7:43

COVER: Design by Wolf Walt. Photographs by Dagmar Gebers.
REMARK: All Music Guide: 2 Stars
REMARK: Reissued on CD by Atavistic (UMS/ALP247CD)

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