FMP-RECORDS (SAJ-Numbers) 1974 - 1991

Sweet and S'Ours
Maggie Nicols/Julie Tippetts

Maggie Nicols / Julie Tippetts

Maggie Nicols-voice, recorder, bongos, lammer, pipe,
blowing into vacuum cleaner tubes;
Julie Tippetts-voice, recorder, bottles, cymbal bells, bongos,
concertina, blowing into vacuum cleaner tubes

Recorded by Keith Beal in June 1978 at
the Riverside Studios in London.
Album produced by Jost Gebers.

Liner notes: Julie Tippetts (nur in englisch)

SIDE A: 1 Rabbiting (3:26)
             2 Ooh - me poor feet (5:40)
             3 Wind forest (5:53)
             4 Moon fire (5:32)
SIDE B: 1 Riverside (1:15)
             2 What's this (9:51)
             3 Whailing (8:53)
All compositions by Maggie Nicols and Julie Tippetts.

COVER: Design by Julie Tippetts. Photographs by Anita Corbin.

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